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The way to live life longer: An easy way to slow down the time

There are so many questions every time when we try to find the answers.

  • “Why we’re here?”
  • “What is purpose in this world?”
  • “What I should do?”
  • “Where we’re all going to?”

I don’t think we ever have to search for the answers. Because the way to live life longer is pretty simple. Keep reading. 🙂

What can we value? Gold and diamonds, family members, comfort zone, coziness – such a big list. If we try to dig deeper into the philosophy, the checklist includes Global Peace or philosophical singularity. By seeing behind the curtain mentioned above, time is the most valuable resource of all times. And always will be.

The Way To Live Life Longer

The way to live life longer: An easy way to slow down the time

Modern society is forcing us to follow the rules and conditions that directly affect our time. On the way to success, we plunge into the things we do for a living and never notice how fast a week has passed away. Months or years are dashing. I called it the “time acceleration phenomenon”, and the topic is well described in an article by Jeff Haden in science terms step by step.

To say briefly: our brain creates the illusion that time runs very fast while it remains static. The period that seems like an eternity to a child, for us is only the summer of 2019, which flew as one moment. And so goes on and on, year after year.

The way to live life longer: Take control of your time.

But what can we do take control upon a time? As always: a straightforward answer does not exist. But there are some simple ways to help you trick your brain:

Always try new things

New environment, new acquaintances, a new skill or hobby. Make progress in it: new language, Spanish guitar or social media marketing. Succeed in it! In childhood, everything was new for us. We were eagerly absorbing all sorts of information and time felt so “slow”.

Pay attention to your time

It’s your day and only yours. Precisely the same day will never happen again. If you always bear in mind such a simple rule, the ability to value time will be much more natural for you.

Do a simple and understandable goal

Try to simulate the situation and imagine just for a second how the next 20 years of your life will pass? It’s hard, doesn’t it? To give an exact answer. Reason #1: most of us simply don’t know. Reason #2: we don’t have any (and don’t make) plans for such a long period. It’s much better if your paint on canvas is bright and colorful. But please do not overthink. Make it clear and easy for yourself.

Why are the goals are essential?

Time and plan are inseparably connected. Here is the math: the equation consists of several variables. The real purpose specifies what you are going to do (or pursue if you will) for the next 20 years. Time is a constructional material for such a vast period. Time acceleration in our head directly depends on the plan. The more blurry it is, the faster the time is running.

A pretty illustrative example is your vacation. You have thirty days and a choice: to fly on a big Eurotrip and to meet a bunch of new people. Or spend a whole month with your nose buried in a home computer monitor. If you work at a computer or spend all your spare time with it, you know which version of your vacation will fly in a second. The Eurotrip will give you brand new emotions, impressions, and knowledge.

The brain is a complex biological mechanism. But we can take the reins of power over some functions of reality perception. Time management sounds like something unrealistic. But if we will try to reflect just for a moment, here comes the understanding that we can change so many things.

Enjoy your life, lads
P.s. So guys the way to live life longer please don’t forget to stay safe and read my Life After Covid-19 Pandemic Will Not Be The Same.

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