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First Time at Toni & Guy: The Touch of the Master’s Hand

The moment it grew back long enough, I got a booking with Art Director at Toni&Guy. It was amazing. Sitting at the chair for two whole hours and not feeling my buttocks as a result was worth it.

28th Birthday: For the Good Times

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I’ve had a whole month to cope with the idea of becoming another year older, and to experience all stages of grief about that passed year of course. And I believe I am ready to talk about it now.

Blogging As Passion: About My Blog

I have worked with a fair amount of beauty / style / lifestyle / fashion bloggers. And let me tell you, I’ve found some interesting pattern. Most, not all of course, of those bloggers were extremely self-concentrated: ‘What I ate for breakfast’, ‘My autumn vibes’, ‘My spring outfits’, ‘My trip to Paris’.

About the blog: The me post based on Proust questionnaire

Today I am launching my blog. I am not a poet and what makes it even worse – English is not even my native language. So, I have some fair doubts on success of my posts and writing. A thing, which I probably should not tell you.

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