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Here Is Why Dior Intense is Perfect Perfume – My Opinion

Here is a nice perfume I have been using for the past couple of years. Or the versions of it from Dior Intense. I bought the first one just after A. stumbled upon a sample at Vogue magazine and made me smell it.


London Hairdressers – 1 Real Case How to End Up Fabulous

The moment it grew back long enough, I got a booking with Art Director at Toni&Guy. It was amazing. Sitting at the chair for two whole hours and not feeling my buttocks as a result was worth it.

Never Get Old at Heart – 3 Reasons to Forget About Grey Hairs

Remember an episode in Sex and the City that’s called “Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys”, where most of the men under 30 are considered to be teenagers, almost children? That’s how I was and I am treated in US, UK and all over Europe. And I love it.

My Lifestyle blog or 35 Honest Answers by Proust

Today I am launching my lifestyle blog. I am not a poet and what makes it even worse – English is not even my native language. So, I have some fair doubts on success of my posts and writing. A thing, which I probably should not tell you.

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