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That’s Why Life After Covid-19 Pandemic Will Not Be The Same

People say that life after covid-19 pandemic global crisis, the world will never be the same. And most of them are mean that worldwide systems (such as economics, industries, etc.) are going to collapse and go down. There are nothing right here and only negative and catastrophic scenarios. By looking in such chaos, I’ve decided to share my opinion and beg you all to stop the panic. Why? Because the sun is always coming up after the storm.

Without further ado. Here are ten positive reasons why our life will never be the same again after COVID-19 pandemic:


Many companies will not return the staff from “remote work” to the offices. Employers are going to realize that you can manage the company and people effectively without forcing them to sit in one room 5/2. The new apps and programs will help staff effectively work from home, such as Zoom. Even without COVID-19, hundreds of innovative companies allowed to work from home. Statistics say that it is much more convenient for both sides. You just show up once a week and then do the rest of your job from home.

Your sleep gets better, and you have much more time for yourself. It’s a win/win strategy because the employers pay less for office bills, cleaning, or even rent. Generally speaking, all expenses go down if the working place is empty. Therefore the company can pay more to their workers.

That'S Why Life After Covid-19 Pandemic Will Not Be The Same - Seven Good Reasons Why After Covid 19 Our Life Wont Be The Same

Riga, Latvia – March 28, 2020: Young man having Zoom video conferencing call via computer. Home office.


The governments are goings to realize how important the control systems are. It doesn’t sound well so far. Because you know… Obviously, “the big brother” is spying on you. But the funny thing is: the government is always trying to control the people for various reasons. And we all it. The difference, right now, is citizens are going to allow to do that officially with the legalization of control systems. Why? Because it helps to stop the epidemic spread.

Probably you think right now it’s madness, but with so many deaths caused by stupid people’s decisions, by all of those smart asses who spread the virus over the country. Control is essential for cases like that. You have a couple of chances to save hundreds and thousands, and you miss it.

Still don’t believe me? Okay. Here is an example: the Spanish COVID-19 country spreading scenario. When the first cases occurred in country regions, no one cared for the first time.

A few more weeks remained before the mass outbreak in Europe, and the doctors did not take the situation seriously. Fernando Simon, director of the Center for Coordination of Medical Alerts, denied the disease danger. Back in February, this epidemiologist, who now makes daily reports on thousands of new infections, said in an interview that Spanish citizens have nothing to worry about.

“There is no reason to worry everything is under control.” – Fernando Simon

While the government was arguing about the emergency nuances, in Madrid began the real panic. The rumors about the city lockdown appeared first in early March. Although the region government actively denied all of them, natives began to abandon the city. Among the others, students began to leave the capital massively, taking the coronavirus with them to provinces.

That'S Why Life After Covid-19 Pandemic Will Not Be The Same - From Sorry And Anger To Salvation

You have the only a couple of chances to save thousands of lives.

As you may see, the Spanish case shows us: if you’re unable to control people’s movement when it’s needed, it will lead the whole country to disastrous consequences. Plus, don’t forget terrorism. It’s much easier to find the bomb guy with the camera before he does something terrible. Of course, certain control things won’t work globally, countries where the government wants to control every step by their reasons with absolutely no privacy care. Where the citizen rights mean nothing to their governments, creating such monitoring systems would become catastrophic.


Plenty of countries are going to realize how dependent they are on other economics (For example, the EU from China). By creating new industries and job positions, they will try to rely upon themselves in such hard times as pandemic. I think the process of global integration is over now, the new reverse process start, and its name – disintegration.

China will always be an industrial country with tremendous opportunities. No doubt. But now the lesson learned. Sometimes the only help you can find is from yourself, or in this case – your citizens: medics, fabrics, volunteers, etc.

That'S Why Life After Covid-19 Pandemic Will Not Be The Same - We Can Help Ourselves

Aerial view to industrial zone and technology park on Karlov suburb of Pilsen city in the Czech Republic, Europe.


About small economic sectors: Countless tiny businesses are surprised, how many unnecessary and inefficient expenses they have. To avoid collapsing or bankruptcy businesses trying to survive in any possible way. Owners are searching for something they could minimize (something less critical).

Life After Covid-19 Pandemic

About small economic sectors: Countless tiny businesses are surprised, how many unnecessary and inefficient expenses they have.

The flower bloom despite the obstacles.

Unfortunately, all companies without prospects will, unprofitable or weak, will go down. That’s life, guys. Darwin’s evolution theory works perfectly well in business. Life on earth is always in constant growth. So let the growth be.


No doubt – life after covid-19 pandemic, it’s not some sort of fast and soft problem we are going through. The quarantine may take up to 3 months based on China’s case. And another good thing people will learn clearly from this crisis is how to make the “nest egg.” You’d be surprised how little the number of people who reserve funds.

That'S Why Life After Covid-19 Pandemic Will Not Be The Same - Remember What Parents Taught Us. How To Make The Nest Egg

Learn how to make the nest egg.

And we are not talking about investments etc., just usual reserve on your bank account, as being said previously – pandemic is an excellent lesson for all of us. And essentials like money-saving should be explicitly learned. For small business owners, savings will help to stay in the game and ride out the storm. For the rest, people with the basic salary to be safe for at least a couple of months.


The percentage of collective and personal health responsibility will be much higher after a pandemic ended. Ask yourself: how long you’ve been staying at home with a basic cold or flu and didn’t go outside to hang out with friends? Did you wash your hands so much before the COVID-19? Have you thought of putting the mask on to prevent flu from spreading? Most of us have said, “It’s just flu, whatever!” or “I will not infect anyone with a cough.”

Because of the impact coronavirus effects on us, we all know how vital basic preventing methods. Every news portal, every big website, screams out how essential to wash your hands right now or keep your distance from each other. To stay at home if you’re sick. If you take the notes seriously, be sure you’re a small-town hero. If not – it’s a crime committing. No jokes.

That'S Why Life After Covid-19 Pandemic Will Not Be The Same - The Great Responsibility

It’s essential to stay home for the sake of people we love

And I am pretty sure people will not forget the restrictions even after the virus wave. The typical flu infection with high temperature, a cough, and other COVID-19 alike symptoms is a potential danger. Yes, maybe not for you, but your friends, family, or co-workers. You never know how many people under 60 you will meet during a working week or who get a cold from you. If you’re feeling okay after a few days at home, it doesn’t mean the granny you’ve infected will bear the flu the same smooth as you did.


Speaking of the older generation. Do you remember? They are not immortal. Our responsibility is the key to safety. I am sure that even after the epidemic is over, it won’t change anything. I mean it. We all know people under 60 are the most vulnerable in this challenging time. Statistics tell us that the chance of dying from the common cold is growing at the same time as we’re getting older. That means that the coronavirus does not change anything. We must once and for all understand that our essential goal is to save our older generation by becoming more responsible.

That'S Why Life After Covid-19 Pandemic Will Not Be The Same - Fragile And So Vulnerable

Grannies and granddads are <3

The most difficult lesson will be given to those who ignored the instructions and visited their grandparents. And I truly hope it’ll lead us to the understanding of how careless we’ve been before. To prevent new faults in the future.


Sooner or later, the pandemic will end and after that, we will continue to live as we lived before. The only thing we can say for now that we have gone through difficult experiences over the past five months. Hundreds and thousands of people have died around the world.

I believe we can that we could figure out how fragile the world we live in. How important to learn from the mistakes to stay positive. (of course at home)

Stay safe

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