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I Wanna Quit The Gym or Why Working Out is Awesome

I have never thought I would fall in love with… working out. What stopped me earlier?  Well, I had some doubts before I finally gathered myself to buy a membership at the local gym. Each time, when I was planning to “go and get it”, the following thought occurred my mind: “I don’t think I’ll keep visiting it even for a month, because frankly, I can’t name an exact reason I have to go to them there.”

Seven months passed by. And not only my body shape has changed, but also my perception of the whole situation has shifted. It is not that hard to pay for a membership at your local gym, it is easy to book a one-time training session with a PT. It does not take you much effort to realize that you can go there any day. It is a comforting thought indeed. But is it enough?

For some. I have noticed that people tend to avoid responsibility in so many ways. It makes their life easier. No pain, no gain but also no consequences for decisions one does not have to make every day. You paid for a gym, went there once or twice and you might as well call yourself an athlete now. After all, you have worked out. You have the membership. Why worry about anything anymore? You could have a six-pack or built an Arnold Schwarzenegger body worthy body if you wanted to.

Paying attention to my mindset, I have concluded the following: buying a membership is a great thing. It is a long term investment into a future happier self. But it’s not the action of purchasing something that matters in this case, as I used to think – buying a canvas and oil paints does not make you an artist, right? It’s the decision you make every day. A decision to do something constantly and responsibly – to have enough sleep, to eat healthily, to visit a gym weekly.

So why stop halfway? Yes, perhaps paying for gym means gaining even more responsibilities, because nobody will force you to go there. But it is not always bad. I tell you what, with time to pass you might even find these responsibilities quite enjoyable and rewarding.

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