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Fashion Blog or 5 Really Good & Simple Reasons To Read Me

Okay, my dear friends. It’s finally started. My fashion blog. Is it fair to call my self fashion blogger right now? I should deserve it first. We will see how it goes 🙂 I couldn’t wait anymore since I’ve realized how cool this would be to share your vision with others, to write topics that really need to be written.

Here is my version of how a lifestyle and fashion blogger looks like

I have worked with a fair amount of beauty-style, lifestyle bloggers, or fashion writers. And let me tell you, I’ve found some interesting patterns. Most, not all, of course, of those bloggers, were extremely self-concentrated: ‘What I ate for breakfast, ‘My autumn vibes’, ‘My spring outfits’, ‘My trip to Paris’. The guys mostly write about their personal feelings, life, similar everyday activities, etc. And I really tried, but I could not find anything close to the discussion. Basically, most of the blogs are lost the audience by giving the readers inferior reading material or content, if you will.

My Fashion Blog Or 7 Really Good &Amp; Simple Reasons To Read Me

The first photoshoot. (I should say it “My” at least a 100 times )

It seems that many bloggers nowadays are so profoundly concentrated on their glorious selves that they entirely forget something – there are other people in this world too. Different people with troubles, feelings, interesting thoughts, and amazing ideas.

What am I implying to anyway? Yes, this is going to be MY fashion blog and MY website. And, of course, I will have to post something about myself here and there. However, in this blog, I would like to concentrate on talking about YOU, the readers. I have a lot to tell, and I have even more to listen to.

What does it worth if I cannot discuss my thoughts with others?

I sincerely hope that I will succeed in creating a place where you, the reader, will feel free to express your opinion, exchange your beliefs and share your thoughts. It’s a place for you. Yes, you!

Fashion Blog Uk

Let s is Discuss.

Now, I believe that like any good book or magazine, each decent blog should have a list of contents and an editor’s letter. And while I am going to write something like an Editor’s letter each month or season (we’ll see how it goes), the list of contents will remain more or less permanent. To help you find the required information and better understand what this blog is about, I have included some blog sections into the small list below. And added their description, of course. Here is what I am going to write as a fashion blogger.


Essentially this is what really exciting me the most. To dive into trends, style, clothing, brands, what to wear, how to wear, where to find, etc. I am still a new guy in the fashion industry, and for the last 10 years, mostly I was in the e-commerce business, but it’s never been my passion. You know, right? The difference between earning money and what really interests you. You don’t need motivation seeking. It grows and stays consistent in your head—every day. You always have resources to create, make and explore. And this what all about and I’m feeling that.

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

― Mark Twain
Fashion Blogger Or 7 Really Good &Amp; Simple Reasons To Read Me

Aleks Somerset – 2011


As I said previously, I stack in e-commerce for almost 10 years, and it finally has to stop. But I always was involved in marketing here is two of my e-shops: merchandise (US and EU dep.) and атрибутика (Russian). I’ll be glad to share the tips, tricks, thoughts, useful advice that I managed to gather on the way to growing my own business. I’m pretty sure some of those will help you out on the way to grow your own business and increase your sales.

Fashion Blog Or 5 Really Good &Amp; Simple Reasons To Read Me - Img 7279 Croped Forfashion Blogger Post


I was always passionate to know more about the fashion industry, to be closer to people who are involved in this business. How the things work behind the scenes (if you know what I mean). If you have ever been among the people who work on fashion shows or spoke with the designers who create a new collection. Boy, oh boy… These people are the real treasure. Brainstorming, creativity, and real art are expressed through the clothes. And this is what I’m looking for. I’ll share with you my own vision with the best possible combination of their ownest answers.  Definitely looking forward post the first interview on my fashion blog.

Fashion Blog Or 5 Really Good &Amp; Simple Reasons To Read Me - 1730586247

First interview.


After 10 years of relationships and the worst breakup ever had, I can finally say, “I have experience in relationships”. We will discuss common issues and top problem that bothers both sides. I’ll ask women what they think and will do the same with guys. If we all want fair answers and an easy solution (it doesn’t exist in most cases – haha), then let’s discuss. First – it’s interesting, the second I’m sure we will find the answers. And it’s definitely will not get worse. Fingers crossed!

Relationships. His And Her Vision

His/Her visions


My personal tedious opinion on things that are not included in the sections above. Plenty of thinking, letters, and provocative stuff. Tbh, I think you’ll love it. It is a monthly digest of the finest events, reviews, and vlogs (plans). Stay Tuned.

Welcome to my fashion blog.

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