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Blogging As Passion: About My Blog

I have worked with a fair amount of beauty / style / lifestyle / fashion bloggers. And let me tell you, I’ve found some interesting pattern. Most, not all of course, of those bloggers were extremely self-concentrated: ‘What I ate for breakfast’, ‘My autumn vibes’, ‘My spring outfits’, ‘My trip to Paris’. The guys mostly write about their personal feelings, life, similar everyday activities, etc.

And I really tried, but I could not find anything close to discussion.
It seems that a lot of bloggers nowadays are so profoundly concentrated on their glorious selves that they entirely forget something – there are other people in this world too. Different people with troubles, feelings, interesting thoughts and amazing ideas.

What am I implying to anyway? Yes, this is going to be MY blog and MY website. And of course I will have to post something about myself here and there, however in this blog I would like to concentrate on talking about YOU, the readers. I have a lot to tell, and I have even more to listen to. As what does it worth it if I cannot discuss my thoughts with others?

I sincerely hope that I will succeed in creating a place where you, the reader, will feel free to express your opinion, exchange your beliefs and share your thoughts. It’s a place for you. Yes, YOU!

Now, I believe that like any good book or magazine each decent blog should have a list of Contents and an Editor’s Letter. And while I am going to write something like an Editor’s letter each month or season (we’ll see how it goes), the list of Contents will remain more or less permanent.

To help you find required information and to give you a better understanding of what this blog is about,I  have included some sections of the blog into the small list below. And added their description of course.

List of Contents:



Trends, style, clothing, brands, what to wear, how to wear, where to find, etc. etc.


Tips, tricks, thoughts, useful advice that I managed to gather on the way to growing my own business.


Hopefully. We shall see, shall we?


On all these difficulties between men and women, men and men, women and women, women and transgenders, men and transgenders … You got it.


Here you’ll find girl’s / women’s opinion on different matters.


My personal tedious opinion on things that are not included into sections above. Plenty of thinking, letters and provocative stuff. Simply don’t read it, deal?

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