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Top 3 Free Birthday Celebration Tips When You Turn 30

Well, it’s time to yell out: “WHY GOD WHY? WE HAD A DEAL!
Actually, this post is more about birthday celebration tips rather than wining that I feel older.

Or Not?

Or not… Actually, I’m fine. I even feel a bit wiser as the matter of fact I perceive much more power to achieve more and reach the highest peaks. So.. I’m okay. At least I’m feeling that way right now. I’ve had a whole month to cope with the idea of becoming another year older and to experience all stages of grief about that past year of course. And I believe I am ready to talk about it now in a positive way.

Top 3 Free Birthday Celebration Tips When You Turn 30 - Free Birthday Celebration Tips When You Turn 30

Pretty sure the internet full of great birthday celebration tips about color themes, party themes, super-funny crowd games. So this is my simple version of what birthday celebrations look like.

Birthday Celebration Tips #1: Quality is better than Quantity

One thing is 100 % steady – friends and time are a limited resource. Lads, mates, fellows, etc are limitless. But friends are always will be something we’re able to count on one or two hands fingers. That’s why I urge you to invite most of the most. They’ll appreciate invitations in a different way, unlike the others(non-closest friends list). This is exactly what I did. And it was a magical feeling that cannot compete with huge 100 people parties. It’s something pure. Real, if you will. Take a look.

Birthday Celebration Tips #1: Quality Is Better Than Quantity

My closest friends. Pure happiness on my face

Birthday Celebration Tip #2: There are people that love you

You can be 1000% the humblest person in the world, but when somebody asks you to organize your birthday party  – please allow them. Don’t ask the questions. I’ve never had a proper birthday celebration in my life before. The one that was organized by someone else, with the cake and balloons and piñata, etc., etc. And guys… It was amazing. Among my friends, with my gf, playing charades and board games, having fun all together.

Birthday Celebration Tips #3: It’s just a day. One. Special. Day.

Even though it’s your birthday try to find the balance between a huge celebration and a great day with your friends. Put some good music on. Be yourself, stay a simply great person who enjoys friends company. They’ll appreciate you as “you”. Enjoy this day. It’s all yours.

Free Birthday Celebration Tips When You Turn 30

My favorite colors: white and silver. Stay safe,

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