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3 Reasons to Visit Yekaterinburg Baroque Music Festival

I was invited to join an opening of a Baroque Music concert season 2018–19. It was marked by a classical music festival called “Insane days”, which is held each year on the first weekend of September.

Visit Yekaterinburg Baroque Music Festival - 3 Reasons Why

Shots were taken before the first baroque music concert. Modern Urban Style.


It is a Russian version of La Folle Journee – a festival which presents short (usually not much than an hour-long) classical music concerts for a diverse audience, on one day. Or three days in our case – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


As I had not got much time to visit everything I would love, baroque music was my choice this time. So I have picked and visited two concerts, each was marvelous in its own way.

Visit Yekaterinburg Baroque music festival - 3 Reasons Why

Performers of Baroque Music Festival

First concert: Domenico Scarlatti‘s and Frideric Handel‘s compositions performed by a French pianist Anne Queffélec. Very lively performance. Professional, emotional, and extremely expressive. Second concert: Belgian instrumental ensemble Ricercar Consort. It included historical instruments and soprano. They have a page on Deezer even, HERE it is. Made a couple of mistakes here and there, but it spoiled nothing. Was fun and enjoyable.

I have decided not to dress up for the occasion. But to look decent nonetheless. So I’ve picked a simple beige turtleneck top, washed jeans, and white comfy sneakers with brown stripes. And of curse my beloved brown leather bag to carry the tickets to the concerts. Nothing fancy, a usual effortless everyday look.

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2 years ago

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Aleks Somerset
Aleks Somerset
2 years ago
Reply to  Joseph

I have no idea, what are you talking about, but thanks for comment!