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About me

Hello there! First things first. My name is Alexander Somerset. Brown hair, green eyes, size M, etc. I am Russian, was born and raised there. Now I live on three different cities (and countries) – Dublin, Ireland; New York, US; Saint Petersburg, Russia. I speak a bit of English. Not perfect yet but as you can see I am doing my best. As a former fashion model I have some background in high-fashion industry.

Now, if you are interested in my personality, I have already shared this information at my first blog post that was dedicated to me and me alone. You can have a look at it here. My skills? Well, some people call me talented or claim that I have a lot of expertise in various things. Don’t trust them. I call myself Jack of all trades – master of none. What I can do: build websites, do SEO promotion, social media marketing, build e-commerce business, cook, sing, play the guitar, code, pose, model etc etc. Impressive list you say? Possibly yes.But how are these so different,

yet such common things are connected to my blog anyway? The answer is simple. When I want to do something, I do it the best way I can. I wanted to create a blog, and here it is. And may be I have no diploma in fashion design to share my style with you, or I do not have any education in psychology to discuss your problems, or else I never learned to be a philosopher to express my opinion in a “proper” way, but I still want to do it. And believe me, I am going to do it the best way possible. Because I want, because I can and because “Why not?”.