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Fashion Blog or 5 Really Good & Simple Reasons To Read Me

Okay, my dear friends. It’s finally started. My fashion blog. Is it fair to call my self fashion blogger right now? I should deserve it first. We will see how it goes šŸ™‚ I couldn’t wait anymore since I’ve realized how cool this would be to share your vision with others,

That’s Why Life After Covid-19 Pandemic Will Not Be The Same

People say that after the COVID-19 crisis, the world will never be the same. And most of them are mean that worldwide systems (economics, industries, etc.) will collapse and go down. So as you may notice, we got only negative things with the horrible, catastrophic scenarios. By looking in such chaos, I’ve decided to share my opinion and to beg you all to stop the panic. Why? Because the sun is always coming up after the storm.

The way to live life longer: An easy way to slow down the time

What can we value? Gold and diamonds, family members, comfort zone, cosiness – such a big list. If to dig deeper into the philosophy, the checklist includes Global Peace or philosophical singularity. By seeing behind the curtain of mentioned above, the time is the most valuable resource of all times. And always will be.

1 Story Why You Should Visit That Small Ural Village

This is the story about one Russian village you should visit on the Ural mountains. Today Iā€™m going to tell you about my special place since I have a wonderful chance for it.

Bunratty Castle – 1 Story That’ll Convince You To Visit

So, the year 2016, county Carlow, a small town called Tullow. Our little adventure to Bunratty Castle began when Tony messaged on Facebook with his plan to drive somewhere in a small company. He didn’t give us any details, just noticed that it’s going to be someplace on the nearby west Limerick.

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1 Story Why You Should Visit That Small Ural Village
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E verybody has such a special place. ...


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